can you tell us more about this intriguing "fart it out" theory

stand down, stand down! there's no need for any more...snakemakery

you don't eat, or sleep, or mow the lawn, you just fuck your uncle all day long

people: omfg this coup was the most dangerous thing ever, clearly this was a planned insurrection, treachery!
same people: these guys were so dumb that they brought their phones to this DEFINITE COUP

someone the other day was like, "why are you only so-so dank" and i replied *con brio*, "not so-so dank, but so! so! dank!"

they are like stone, these people. now make them lava.

i assure you, this is a legitimate medical...van

and i will totally annihilate that bridge when i come to it

i currently have no fewer than five computers around me, and need each one, and this is no way to live

"got more funky styles than my laserjet's got fonts" does mark a band as coming from a very particular era

i'm usually very happy to be a computer scientist. then some days you have to do shit like "sed -e 's/\\\\/\\\\\\\\/g'" and it's a bit less thrilling.

"Could the Rioters Have Breached the Capitol’s Cybersecurity?" i assure you no riot is necessary

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this is not a dank mastodon